Saturday, September 21, 2019


Homecoming is always a great time to honor the tradition of times past and also embrace a new vision for the future. I have enjoyed this week as there have been many ways for people of all ages to participate and come together to celebrate. It is a shining example of why Shenandoah CSD is was the place to be.

The 2nd Annual Color Run was a great way for families and friends to join in the fun together, have some great food and watch our girls play football. It was hot and humid afternoon, but the laughter and bonding made it all worthwhile.  We all need to thank the Burdorf's and other volunteers for their effort to make this all come together.

The pep rally Monday evening would not have been entirely complete without Joe Nebel's auctioneering skills.  Jason Shaffer took the floor alongside him to liven up the crowd and gave it a shot as well. 

I have always loved a grand parade and this year's display made me quite proud to be part of the Shenandoah Community.  There were students, friends, staff, and families of all ages, joining together showing their school pride.

Strike up the band!

It was great to see the bleachers full and sense the positive energy in the crowd at the football game. The Sweet Sound of Victory could be heard well into the evening. I am not sure who to credit for the video but thank you shenactivities on Instagram for posting.  

The Homecoming Court was quite impressive. It was neat to see Roxy Denton and Devin Morelock were named Homecoming Queen and King. Ethan Daoust and Kynzlee Shaffer served as the first grade candidates.

It is now Saturday morning. I am enjoying my coffee and reflecting on the week. I am very thankful for the staff and volunteers who worked together to make this a great week. I am proud of our students and community who participated in the homecoming traditions and new activities. Shenandoah is a great place to be for all of these reasons and more.  I am now left thinking about the vision for the future success of our school and community and what it will take to accomplish our goals.  It will take time, persistence, commitment, collaboration, and more, but the investment will be worth the effort.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Recent Board Decisions

Several key decisions were made at last night's board meeting that will help the district move forward to implement the facility plan.

The board voted unanimously to support the issuance of approximately $5.8 M School Infrastructure Sales Service and Use Tax Revenue Bonds.  These are the funds that will be used to support the work in the renovated portion of the plan.

Additionally, the Board received the petition to order an election of the issuance of $14.7 M of general obligation school bonds.  There were 243 signatures included on the petition that will need to be validated by Page County.  However, only 111 signatures were required for the petition to be filed.

The Board approved ordering the election for this purpose on a 4 to 1 vote. Mr. Anderson shared his concerns about the facility proposal and exercised his right to vote.

Mr. Anderson tendered his resignation at the end of the board meeting which creates a vacancy on the School Board. The Board took action to accept his resignation on Wednesday and will appoint a replacement to complete the term that expires in November. 

How was the plan developed?

An extensive facility study completed by the  DLR Group started this process. Additionally, C.A. Nelson & Company Construction Management and a facility committee have been involved in the process. The Board visited school districts in Columbus, Nebraska and Maryville, Mo. They also toured Riverside Community School District's facility.

When will the vote occur? 

Now that the petition has been received and the Board has voted on the resolution to order the election, the Board Secretary is able to file the documentation with Page County. The vote will occur on November 5.

What is being voted on?

The language of the ballot will include issuing general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $14.7 M to build, furnish, and equip gymnasium and career technical additions to the high school facility, including related remodeling and site improvements, and to improve, remodel, repair, furnish and equip the facility and site.

What does the plan look like?

 facility plan poster

What are the Financial Facts?

The financial facts page was prepared by Piper Jaffray out of Des Moines. The firm specializes in public finance investment banking.

What do the terms CTE, STEM, and SAVE stand for?

CTE:  Career Techincal Education

STEM:  Science Technology Engineering and Math

SAVE: Secure An Advance Vision for Education  also known as Local Option Sales Tax

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