Monday, April 27, 2020

Innovate, Create, and Demonstrate Flexibility

The last several weeks have been flooded with opportunities to learn to lead and work differently through the challenges we are facing in the pandemic. At times, it has been uncomfortable to experience, but it is normal for change to feel messy when it was not anticipated, expected, or desired. The comfort at this point is simply knowing we are all growing, learning, and experiencing this together.

Part of the work of leadership is to recognize the need to build the capacity of other people within the organization to take leadership roles within the current system but also the future system.  We aim to support and help the staff and others to confront problems that have never been addressed before.  While normally we are granted time to work toward the future, the pace of our work has become a critical factor in the success of our school and community. 

I have appreciated the efforts of staff step forward and work in new directions to provide online "voluntary continuous learning", continue and strengthen efforts to collaborate with their peers and provide feedback for their students using online platforms such as Zoom and Google Classroom, and seek out different methods and tools to deliver instruction.  They haven't been afforded the training or time to prepare for this, but they have responded with a positive growth mindset to make this come together in a short amount of time. It is perhaps not perfect, but it an extraordinary effort to continue to meet the needs of our students.  We will continue to get better at this as we innovate, create, and demonstrate enough flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing learning environment required of this present day and the future.

I am pleased we are continuing to make continued progress on the High School renovation project. We have had to make some accommodations to avoid potentially spreading COVID 19, but the work is advancing. The lights and parking lot areas are some areas that have been started that are more visible.  Continuing this work now will allow us to come back in August to a high school with a new look and feel, a welcomed change.  

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