Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Board Update & Appointed Leadership

Last night was the reorganizational meeting for the School Board. This was an important meeting because new Board members are sworn into office and officers are elected. Jean Fichter, Adam Van Der Vliet, and Benne Rogers were re-elected in November, so they retained their seat and took the oath of office. Clint Wooten was elected in November, so he joined the Board for his first meeting and took the oath of office.  Finally, the Board appointed Jean Fichter as Board President and Adam Van Der Vliet as Vice President.  

Jeff Hiser has two more years remaining on his term, so he did not need to take the oath of office. Kathy Langley did not run for re-election, but she attended the meeting to complete her final obligation and duty as a board member.

The Board approved William Barrett as the new School Business Official pending final release from his existing contract.  Mr. Barrett has experience as a School Business Official and has completed the state's licensure process and academy requirements to gain his full licensure. In addition, he has a background in banking, technology, and education that will contribute to this position. I am looking forward to having him join our team.

There were other actions the Board took, including appointing the District's legal counsel, bank depositories, and official publication. In addition, Jean Fichter and Clint Wooten were selected to represent the District on the Page County (Fichter) and Fremont County (Wooten) Conference Board.

The Board approved the Allowable Growth and Supplemental State AId for Limited English Proficiency request in the amount of $68,219.  Additionally, the service agreement with Rassmussen Mechanical was approved, as were the repairs to the bleachers.

The District's Technology Committee recently presented a recommendation for new student and staff devices for the 2022-2023 school year. Bids were received from four different vendors. The Board took action to accept the bid from CDW-G. The lease payment will be made using ESSER II funds, ESSER III funds, and SAVE Funds. We will make the purchase now to receive a timely shipment for the next school year.

The Board also heard a report from the Career Technical Education Department about their plans to renovate a house. Again, there was a good discussion about the project, which provided some excellent insight and direction for the next steps.

I appreciate the Board members' willingness to serve and make the District a great place for our students and staff.  

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