Thursday, July 1, 2021

Summer Happenings

I am doing a little bit of a happy dance as I write today because we have some new staff members joining the Shenandoah CSD team. Let me take a minute to introduce some of them who have recently committed to our District. 

Melissa Crawford

Jason Guerin
Julie Murren

Melissa Crawford is joining the team as an associate. Jason Guerin will be a content specialist working with us in the area of science with the IGNITE Online & Personalized Learning Program. Julie Murren will be serving our students as an academic interventionist at the JK-8 building.  These are some great people and will add a lot of value to our team! Let's be sure to make them feel a part of the Shenandoah learning community.
Our work in the summer is different because not all of our students are on campus, but I am excited about some of the great work that is continuing to be done. For example, one area that the District continues to expand is the Career Technical Education (CTE) program. In this video, you can learn more about how the program connects students with work-based learning opportunities and prepares them for future careers. You can read more about this on the district’s CTE website as well. 

It has been good to see our students participate in our summer extended learning interest camps. There are opportunities for students to participate in everything from HS credit recovery, Preschool & Kindergarten social, emotional learning camp, kindness camp, outdoor camp, games camp, construction camp, STEM camp, and TAG camp. It has been a great experience for our students to have several options to consider. I appreciate the staff’s effort to create these experiences for our students! 

Darrin Bouray
Darrin Bouray has been a member of the Shenandoah Board of    Education since 2019. Unfortunately, he recently resigned from his board seat because he is relocating outside of the district’s boundaries, making him ineligible to complete his term. He has served well, and his leadership will be missed. The Board will be appointing someone to fill this position until the November election. You can read more about the process on our website at

Learning & Leading

The countdown is on, and it is going to be a great school year! I am really looking forward to having everyone back on campus. The administr...